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3rd School of Thought: A HEALTHY MIND AND EMOTIONS

happy_couple_dancing_0.png     If you are happy you heal quickly

                           A new study looks at the effects that  
between spouses have on their health.


A new study shows that arguments between spouses slow down your body’s ability to heal a wound.  Dr. Ronald Glaser of Ohio State University found that “… having these kinds of negative interactions everyday or hostile relations with your spouse are changing your body’s immune system as you grow older …”
Specifically, having a stress-free frame of mind before entering surgery is key to saving thousands of dollars in health care. It translates into faster healing, shorter hospital stays and a reduced risk of infections.
The study shows clearly that only a half-hour argument with a spouse reduced the immune systems mechanism to heal a wound by one day. In short, as hostile arguments between couples increase the body’s ability to repair a wound decreases.

The lesson in the study is apparent. A good relationship with your partner produces positive vibrations which not only makes you feel better but makes you healthier.

For more details see the “Archives of American Psychiatry Dec. 2005”


by Dr. Radut.